dimanche 1 mai 2011

Vide Jardin.............

Whist I sat listing my Ebay auctions yesterday afternoon I saw the same mouse (which I mentioned in my previous blog) casually womble across the cuisine floor. No rush, no panic, just a casual amble! He disappeared behind the armoire whilst I must have broken his ear drums screaming!

We moved the armoire....well no.... that`s a lie! There was no "we" involved as I stood by an escape door just in case he was a ninja mouse with a flick knife! And behind the armoire? Nothing, no sign of him at all so I relaxed and assumed he had found his way through the garden door. I went back to my computer.

Twenty minutes later he caught my eye again slowly sauntering back to the armoire! So as much as I didn`t want this cheeky souris in the house I didn`t want him to have a terrible ending at the hands of the Baron! So.... I fastened the Baron`s cat flap shut just in case he should hear the commotion ( and screams) and decide to come back into the kitchen to finish him off! We did catch him, ( well, Mark did);  he didn`t put up a fight and he was placed  gently in the hedge outside - and well away from the Baron!

 So the current results of the vermin games:-    Mouse... 1 The Baron... Nil.

May Day here always means many wonderful brocantes, so it was up early so as to fit in as many as possible. Most brocantes are also called "Vide greniers",  "Vide" meaning to "empty or to clear out"  "grenier" meaning "attic". But, today, we also had a "Vide Jardin" to visit at a local chateau that is being restored. We left this one until last knowing there would probably not be any vintage treasures but I was still desperate to get into the grounds of Le Chateau de Sebeville which I have been watching as the restoration work progressed.
It had been left derelict since the 1930s so when the new owner purchased it some ten years ago he must have been very brave indeed. It was built in 1720s for one of Napoleon`s generals and has had many subsequent owners including a Prince but, as the years progressed and following the French revolution, it fell into a very sad state. How wonderful it's been to watch it slowly coming back to life. The restoration is amazing and must be at massive expense as everything is being handworked and replaced exactly as it should be with real craftsmen working to old methods.
There were a handful of charming stands of plants for sale and I did succumb to a divine  climbing rose that the vendor told me had the most amazing scent so, hopefully, I can make it grow around the doorway eventually.
The craftsman who has replaced the parquet flooring in the chateau had a stand to exhibit his work

I could have brought home a chicken

I could have brought home a rabbit
And I SO wanted to bring this huge guy home but he was only visiting with his owners!

So instead we settled for a cafe and a crepe being prepared in the newly restored old stables

And sat out on the chateau lawns under a parasol to enjoy the atmosphere.

I was told that chateau is not going to be a public building but a private home for the new owner , his wife and their four children. I am so glad we took time to take the chance to visit as it may not be open publically again but I can still look from the lane as I pass by.
Wonder if they would like a mouse as a housewarming gift?

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  1. What a great day you had. Me too, visit my blog. How did you get his nose to move like that? Great entry! THANKS :-)

  2. Such a lovely funny post Shirley - what a lucky mouse to have picked your house!!!
    The Chateau is beautiful and an enormous undertaking, it's wonderful that there are families who love to do this restoration.
    Enjoy your brocante season!

  3. When I scrolled down the page and saw that mouse twitching his nose, I just wish I had been wearing incontinence pants!
    Abby x

  4. I just HAD to use it when I found it!!

  5. Love the mouse! I just wonder at the wealth of people nowadays to be able to restore such a large house (admittedly such a treasure and they deserve a medal for bringing it to life!), given how expensive I find it to renovate my small cottage in the north of England x

  6. Heaven knows what that restoration is costing and I know it is a private one with no help from amywhere as I spoke to the mayor on the day. Each brick had been numbered and on the side of the car park was a huge piece of stone being hand carved with a lion crest. Perhaps they have a bottomless purse!!

  7. I could have used the mouse for the snake.If he comes back send him to me or if you want I will send here to you xxxxooootarte