vendredi 27 mai 2011

Get your hooves out of my armoire..............

I have this secret armoire that I am sort of quite precious about. It`s filled with "stuff" know "stuff"!

Stuff I have bought over the years and haven`t listed it in my auctions. Stuff that might have come in a box with something else, stuff that I have bought at a brocante and thought I`ll list it when I find another and it will be a pair, "stuff" that is just a little morceau but absolutely divine, "stuff" I am sure only I find gorgeous. Just "stuff" know what I mean! There must be years worth of "stuff".

It`s a kind of a noo noo comfort blanket that I sometimes delve into say a few "woos and ahhhhs" and then close the door for another six months or so. Sometimes I just open the door and tuck something in after a brocanting trip and manage to get away without losing an hour or so because I know if I start delving how long I will be missing. Perhaps its my sort of Narnia wardrobe.

Kate froufrou is back from Paris and has been delving in there. I don`t know why but I feel a little like my secret place has now been discovered.

Excuse me Madamoiselle Froufrou but do you remember as a teenager you said you hated all my "old junk" and that when I was gone you would throw it all out and fill the house with Ikea furniture?

SO what are you now doing the "oooohs and aaaaahs" and listing some of it in your Ebay auctions? Are you starting your own secret armoire?

The last person to delve into my secret armoire grew hooves at midnight and how will you get your vintage shoes over them?

Get out of there before I call Mr Tumnus to get you!!!

Or have you already enlisted his help to take your parcels to La Poste?

Let me warn you are turning into your own mother....scary eh?

You will find the intruder on Ebay as!

3 commentaires:

  1. I've got stuff too - boxes full of stuff. Don't know why I don't list for sale but it's my stuff and I wanna keep my stuff. i can totally relate to your cupboard - You need a big padlock methinks!

  2. hello froufrou here, yes i did get my hands on some lovely bits mother....and i may just be starting up a little bundle of secret stuff myself.
    ooooooh stuff!!!! love froufrou x

  3. No body has stuff as I have stuff,in fact stuffed to the rafters,mine all mine...Slightly batty,Dordogne.