jeudi 12 mai 2011

Will you be my neighbour?

The 'chateau' had just one neighbour - but old Jean-Jacques sadly passed away in January. He was born in  the old stone house and had lived there happily for over 80 years, his family having lived there before him.  Unrestored and crumbling it is now up for sale.

A huge rambling old "L" shaped 18th century building it has.......................
a pidgeonaire.................
barns, haylofts and outbuildings...............

...and archways where the horsedrawn haycarts of old would have passed through.

Two huge fields are now being reclaimed by nature so fast  that his few cows have gone too.

And the old doorways...........just divine.

It is for sale for £65,000 which seems so little but heavens - the work to restore it! I know that the ceilings on the first floor have fallen in but it didn`t seem to matter to old Jean-Jaques. He lived happily on the ground floor and hadn`t been up there for years!
Just the two houses at the end of the lane before the marsh sprawls out beyond us.

Would you like to be the next person to open the door and live here?

9 commentaires:

  1. Oh I would, I would! So beautiful and rustic~Cheers Kim

  2. Wow Shirley. Do you think they would trade for a yacht? How fabulous. I'd give my left arm at the moment. A very reasonable price too!

  3. Yes Please xx just turned out my pockets, a piece of string, 1p and a jelly baby.....hmmmm praps not then.

  4. Oooooo how totally fabulous, and all that lush grass too.... Spotty would be in horse heaven! Abby xx

  5. hello dear I will be more than happy to be the owner of this house but sorry I can not afford the price othewise will be my dream come true!

  6. Blogger seems to have lost my comment. So, just incase you thought I did not want to live next to you, I am repeating myself to say... YES I WOULD!! (and my greedy pony too, who would love all that greenness!) Abby xx

  7. I think blogger had a bit of a wobbly yesterday and everyones last post went missing! Do you want me to cut and bale all that lushness for you? I can send it over a bale at a time in the post!!!!!

  8. Thanks Shirley that would be great, but no need to post the bales, they will keep for when I move in :) xx

  9. You should go into property sales.....If I had 100.000 eruos I would buy it just to be your