mercredi 2 janvier 2013

2013....................Let the truffling commence!!

Happy New Year!  Bonne Annee!

2013 has arrived at last - and all I can say is :


This morning I have finally managed to delve into the boxes full of treasures which I had truffled out just a few days before Christmas Eve. I had packed them away whilst the celebrations took hold but, this morning,.....ooooooooooooooh la la!! It seems as though  'Pere Noel' has visited again.

'Simply Chateau' will go on my first whistle!

'Timeworn treasures waiting to be truffled'...... you will go on my second whistle!

Well, I am sure I can be allowed a few minutes head-start after all the food that has been eaten over the Christmas holiday here.

I did forget to tell you that each year Father Christmas makes a much-heralded appearance on the square of our nearby town where he is promptly surrounded by children! Inside a tent townsfolk prepare food and some 'vin chaud' - and the local 'ex-pat' choir sing a few carols to the appreciative French audience. It really got us all into the festive mood, particularly when I overheard Mark, having drunk several 'vins chauds', trying to help a French friend standing beside him by trying to translate the words of the well-known  song " On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me"! As the song moved along, he soon gave up trying to translate 'partridge', calling birds, French hens and turtle doves!  All I could hear him explaining was "un oiseau -  then deux oiseaux, then three oiseaux" etc. etc. He gave up with birds altogether when it came to 'swans a swimming'! Some songs simply do not translate well at all!

I may be back at my desk photographing and listing, but Charles, le Baron du Breuil, seems to have other ideas, taking an extended rest from the recent festivities!

If this happens to be your first  'rendezvous' with The Baron you will see he only has three paws - but what he lacks in paws he makes up for in the handsome stakes, don't you think?

A demain mes belles

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  1. Cute little Baron. He is handsome, very handsome.

    Oh be still my heart, your uncovered treasures are so beautiful....