jeudi 31 janvier 2013

Well................I did it!

So......yes,I did it. No pashmina, no cover up; I was a brazen hussy! The only English the cardiologist spoke to me was " Take orf zee bra and get on to zee bicycle".

I had considered draping some French onions around my neck to make him think I had just come from the market!

Actually I found it more difficult ( and less delicate!) climbing up onto the saddle of the exercise bike as it was so high!! 

So, with all on display I was wired up and told to keep the pace between 60 and 70 kilometres. It was all quite easy for a while, but  then monsieur le docteur altered something on his computer screen that made it harder for me to pedal. 

"It eeeez difficult?" he asked. "Non" I replied, becoming all English and very stiff upper-lipped. I shall not show him I can be defeated.....I am English. I thought of,I shall never give up!!!

I held on to the bitter end before I was allowed to slow down and get dressed. As I sat at the desk afterwards paying my 78 euro bill I thought,  " Huh!!! Not only do I have to pedal topless;   I also have to pay for the pleasure of displaying my bits!!!".

But the good news is........ I was given the "all clear" and gratefully wobbled back to the waiting room, my legs like jelly!

Next year I am going to be better prepared. I shall spend months in bike training beforehand, and then try and make his computer explode.....that`ll take his mind off my wobbly bits!

a la prochiane mes belles

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