samedi 5 janvier 2013

The train now standing at platform 3 is Tartelette`s train...

I found these photographs today from last Summer. Tartelette from Oregon was on her way for some truffling and we were meeting her "en route" to a huge brocante.

No sign of "le train" we must be early.

This waiting shelter would make a sweet garden summer house....wonder if they would miss it?

The next train arrives from she on it?

That looks like it could be her................
Voila!!!! Tartelette arrives.....smiling as usual!

Bags already bulging with treasures found in Paris.

After a week of truffling Tartelette had SO many wonderful treasures to carry that she had to do some clever packing!

Oh`s time to leave.......

If she wears her sweater backwards does that mean she is coming or going?!!

Miss Frou Frou didn`t want her to go..............

But off she went...............and we can still Skype until she comes back!

A la prochaine mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. Hilarious! Lucky Tartelette, I see what she found on this trip. Her treasures are wonderful, sigh.

  2. She found some wonderful, wonderful things. We always have to do show and tell when we get back and then we have a few little swaps!