dimanche 20 janvier 2013


I have a dilemma!!! 

At dusk tonight I let Diggers out into the garden and he instantly ran, barking loudly, into the deserted farmyard next door. He ran inside one of the smaller outbuildings, still barking and growling. I called him back to me and as he stood at my side the barking continued - but it was not coming from was coming from inside the shed.

I tried to peer inside but the dark building was filled with layer upon layer of old wood. The barking was just the same as that of a Jack Russell -  but there was also a low growling. 

As Mark wasn't at home I was too scared to squeeze into the narrow space so went to get my torch instead. It was pitch black by then but the barking and growling continued but I couldn`t see anything at all.

Could it be fox cubs in the building - and would a vixen have had her litter there? I always thought they gave birth below ground?

But  what if it was a dog trapped inside? It could be one of the hunter`s dogs that has gone astray.

I will have to wait until morning when Mark will be home and it will be daylight. If it is fox cubs I certainly do not want to alert the hunters or they will think them fair game.

I have listened to the sound of fox cubs on 'youtube', but they seem to squeal more than bark! This is a clear bark with no squeak.

So now I will lose sleep and worry all night!!

I will tell you what tomorrow brings.  So...........

A demain mes belles


6 commentaires:

  1. Oh poor you. It is so worrying. Fingers crossed
    it will be all o.k. in the morning.

  2. Oo-er - hope all is OK. Also fingers crossed until morning. Cx

  3. Yes, I agree, do not tell the hunters. Oh, I cannot wait to hear what they are.

  4. Hope you find out what it is, and I thought you were very brave shining your torch in a dark building with something growling inside! Do let us know what you find, I will be waiting in suspense now!!
    Jo xx

  5. I hope you find out what is living next door. Hopefully not a rabid animal of some sort.

    Stay warm, Elizabeth