samedi 12 janvier 2013

French fripperies.......

I have some boxes of 19th century textiles, trims and jet beading that came from an attic trunk last year. I have been meaning to sort through them all for some time and list the contents. 

They all came from the same old house - some stunning items that I dealt with straightaway, but then stashed the boxes of smaller items away. 

Whilst I was searching for a packing box this morning a small box launched itself off the shelf onto my head - so I decided to have a proper look!

Filled with old wirework trims and fripperies something glistened  right at the bottom so I turned the box out.

An old tissue packed almost crumbled in my hands as I picked it up and a host of gorgeous mirror glass faceted studs came spilling out everywhere! 

I eventually managed to gather them all up, picked out the tiny feathers and velvet fibres and then  wrapped them back up in their old faded tissue paper.

Who knows why they decided to throw themselves at me today....perhaps they know someone is in need of a little " glitz" for a project.

Listing them immediately just in case they should decide to launch themselves in my direction again!

Bon weekend,. mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. It knew you needed to wear a bit of bling! I'm in Paris in May, shall we meet for a macaroon?

  2. Someone thought you needed a little sparkle!
    They are so pretty.