mardi 8 janvier 2013

I haven`t been so excited since............

Just before Christmas I bought a sweet couple of signed miniature portraits in their frames. One frame damaged and one intact and I stashed them away for listing.

On Sunday evening we were watching the Antiques Roadshow when someone had a very similar pair of miniatures valued. The expert said that they were by the most famous portrait painter of the time "Cosway".

I nipped upstairs to take a look at the pair I had bought and "VOILA!!" they are signed COSWAY.

Well I haven`t been so excited since at the age of 14 in the girl guides when we were off on a camping weekend and I got on the boy scouts coach by mistake!!!!

But then I looked closer....they are prints and not hand painted. HUH! 

Oh well.......c`est la vie.....I still adore them!

a la prochaine mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. I have had similar experiences when I've acquired something that I believe will bring in big bucks, only to be dashed by reality. Sod it!

    I tend to not publish pics of myself, yuck!
    There is one however on my ABOUT page, I'm hiding behind a camera.
    How are you this fine 2013?

  2. Drat...too bad, I can only imagine your excitement.