jeudi 10 janvier 2013

Leave my sensible head behind............

If anything 'flicks my switches', 'floats my boat', 'polishes my armoire'' or folds my linens', so to is the boxes of wonderful gesso-on-wood panels that I truffled out just before Christmas. They had been salvaged many years ago from a chateau restoration and then simply stashed away in a barn.

The boxes were absolutely dust laden and each piece inside was at least 1/2" deep in thick, black dust and grime.

I have had to take each one outdoors, check which way the wind is blowing, then brush them with an old soft brush before finally gently wiping each one with a damp cloth.  The transformation has been amazing. Soft chalky grey and cream paint - and the designs are simply adorable.

Am I keeping any for myself?.................mais oui! ( I know I`ll probably never find anything quite like them again)

 Am I sharing any? ...........................mais oui! ( I am not that mean so I have begun to list them in my auctions)

And am I displaying the ones I am listing for sale temporarily in my 'salon'?   Yes, of course! [They may only be visiting, but I can still enjoy them before they leave]!

My only regret is that the same seller who had brought out those boxes in the early morning light also had three large oval-shaped picture frames with amazing large carved wooden ribbon bows. Each had narrow  carved wooden bars like 'faux ribbon that held the frames beneath. The impression they gave was the oval frame being suspended by the narrow ribbons and its ties. 

I walked away from them as I knew they would never survive being posted out. I always have to balance up the fragility of an item against the likelihood of it being 'postable'! 

 WHY, oh WHY did I do that? I realised after about 10 minutes - when my sensible head fell off and my heart kicked in -  that I should have bought them, and rushed back only to find they had gone of course!

So it`s a sharp poke in the finger with a Victorian hat pin for me.....take that you idiot!!

I really must leave my sensible head at home more often!

A la prochaine mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. I totally sympathise with you, I have walked away on numerous occasions only to kick myself later. The panels are gorgeous and you've cleaned them up beautifully. Did you go back and get your little shelled friend from the supermarche and liberate him?
    Jo xx

  2. Oh if only we could remember that each and every time we are second guessing a purchase and then think about it for days or months later. Love these panels.