lundi 21 janvier 2013


First thing this morning I went out to the deserted building and tried to look inside. 

No barking, no growls and snarls, no squeaks - in fact, no noises...... just silence. Nervously I looked inside.

Absolute silence - so I checked the low small window and there was deep red fur where a fox must be going in and out. I wondered if the vixen chose to have her cubs there as the marsh is still flooded and she has had to move closer to the edge?

So at least it is not a trapped dog so I think it must have been a fox with her cubs. What worries me is that if I can hear the cubs bark at dusk then one of the hunters will hear them too and send in their dogs to flush them out. It is not on our land and there is nothing I can do.

But, a little more encouraging is that from dusk tonight and several times later in the dark I have crept out there and cannot hear a thing. How I hope the fox has moved her cubs after we disturbed her yesterday.

I will keep you posted.
a la prochaine mes belles


2 commentaires:

  1. Fingers crossed they have moved on and are safe.

  2. I bet they were so cute. Yes, keep us posted. A woman after my own heart. There is so much beauty in nature.