vendredi 18 janvier 2013

Snow, snow, quick, quick, snow...........

 Bonsoir from me snowed in at the chateau!! 

We awoke this morning to a good thick carpet of snow and quite a blizzard going on.

My first task was to visit the bathroom and fling open the window. This is where I put all the wild bird food as I know that any birds feeding there will be safe from the claws of Charles le baron. So, I stood there in a blizzard while I put out as much seed as possible. I had only got to the door of the bathroom before they were all fluttering there and feeding.

Miss Frou Frou phoned to say her chickens were refusing to leave the hen house but there were tiny hoof prints all over her garden. Either she has been visited by deer or Mr Tumnus has been out. Personally I hope it was the latter!!!

Wednesday morning we set off at 4.30am for a huge trade brocante. It was desperately cold and I felt so sorry for the sellers on the outside pitches as the wind was icy cold too.

 Most outdoor sellers had set up and then retreated to their cars and vans to sit with the heaters on. I tried to look inside a glass jewellery cabinet but as soon as I wiped the ice away it was back. So, I do confess that I was a bit of a lightweight and did most of my truffling indoors where it was warm and dry.

I found three wonderful cherub bedecked panels that had originally been part of a three fold screen.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

The log fire is roaring and Hercule my trusty 1930s enamel stove in the cuisine is in full flow. It`s like having a hungry dragon to feed as I have to remember to keep shovelling coal into his mouth all day!

So, being snowed all I can do is photograph my latest treasures and hope I can escape soon!

A la prochaine mes belles

9 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Shirley
    WOW - that's some snowfall!!!
    You're a darling looking after our feathered friends - bless you!

    You were so brave to battle with the cold in search of goodies at the brocante!
    I do love your Mr Tumnus!

    Shane ♥

  2. Brrrr...sounds cold outside but romantic and warm in your gorgeous chateau. Keep warm and keep feeding the sweet birds.

  3. If I had good brocantes in England I would be in heaven Rain or shine I would be there. Love your find..

  4. You are a hard core truffler my lady! That is one fine enamel stove.Love it! ~Cheers Kim

  5. The snow looks so refreshing. The cherubs are really lovely, I will watch them for sure. Tamara

  6. Lovely finds Shirley. We've had heavy snow here too in Derbyshire and hubby is out clearing the drive as we speak. I love Hercule, we've got an AGA and couldn't live without it...neither could the Pugs! Stay safe and warm.
    Jo xx

  7. Wales got a bit of a battering too. We now have a white boat!
    Good to hear you're plumping up those birds. They make a much better pie when they're fat! :-)

  8. Dear Di
    You are wicked but I will past that info onto Charles in case he needs to use the kitchen later!!
    I am getting cabin fever now....I need to go out!!

  9. Gorgeous finds.. those panels are wonderful. All snowy and cold here too.. no truffling until the weekend if we are lucky! Lizzie