samedi 20 février 2010

Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw..............

Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw known as Diggers. My beloved Jack Russell has been my constant companion for over 5 years. Found looking very miserable in a rescue centre after having been abandoned he is currently in the middle of his thesis to obtain his PhD in canine sleep studies. Likes to tuck well under the duvet in winter and can be found toasting himself outdoors in summer until he turns pink and has to be forced indoors. Wears a red bow tie at chateau functions. Love me love my I adore that boy!!! A good friend said he had been sent from heaven so brought him some small white feather wings which he has been happy to wear on occasions!

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  1. I love him. Well, I just love Jack Russells. Real dogs. Sensible, faithful and best of all, shrewd, especially around humans. Not lapdogs, not big and ferocious nor large and slobby. Don't they call them 'rattiers' in France? Or perhaps that's just a generic. But it does describe what they do!

  2. BTW - that hat and hatbox in your pic. Is it for sale?And the girdles/corsets you pictured the other day. Are they for sale yet?

  3. Hello!!!!
    Glad you love my boy! He is at my side as I type having just sat patiently waiting for me at the side of the bath whilst I had a lounge in there!!! Sorry but the hatbox has gone but the corsets are listed as we speak!!!

  4. Robins in the trundle Bed21 février 2010 à 08:59

    Dear Shirley,
    I adore your menagerie!! My twin sister and I have a peke-a-poo(isn't that the best breed name ever?), who has been our constant companion for 18 1/2 years...a little "heartbeat at our feet." We trained him as a puppy to love to shop, so he is a local fixture(I don't mean to make him sound like an antique lamp!!) in all of the surrounding town's little shops and markets. I carry him in my arms and he tucks his head in and falls asleep! Since puppyhood many fellow shoppers have mistaken him for a stuffed animal! One new clerk at our local flower market looked perplexed when I approached the counter with him, querying that she had priced all the newly arrived stuffed toys that morning but did not remember "That One!" One day in between groomings he was also mistaken for a dust mop, but he does not like that story to be told too often, if at all! I purchased him for my sister with $25,000 dollars that we won in a contest involving a gorilla, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord Mass.,and the ghost of a famous Concord figure!(a story for another day!) By the way his name is Hawthorne!