dimanche 14 février 2010

Valentines dreams of George.................

Woke up early this morning to hear the sounds of crashing and irate raised voices. Quickly gathering my long blond curls into a loose chignon and slipping on a 1920s silk gown I went to investigate. On opening the door I found both George Clooney and Johnny Depp in a heated scuffle, each trying to place their own huge Valentine's Day bouquets of pale pink roses for me at the door. I managed to calm them both down and, as I think anyone half-naked would do in the circumstances, invited them in for chocolat chaud and a freshly baked croissant armande!
Then, alas, the alarm went off. 5.45am. Yes - it was only a dream after all! I woke up, ran my hands through my short tousled mousy hair, threw on an old pair of jeans and loafers, grabbed the car keys and went off to see what I could truffle out at a local brocante market.
The reality was actually much better than the dream - and I returned home three hours later laden with some delicious shabby chic vintage French treasures. So who needs George & Johnny?!!!!

1 commentaire:

  1. Happy Valentines day my little tartlette. If only George and Johnny new what they were missing.Did you happen upon Georege whilst in Venice??