vendredi 19 février 2010

Fondant au chocolat and love letters..........

One of my latest shabby chic trouvailles are these wonderful old love letters dating from the early 1900s. One is dated 1902 and the others were 1916 where the young writer was heading off to war. As the love letters spanned 14 years I wonder if Mademoiselle finally married him and even more heart rendering a thought is did he return from the war for her to do so? I will be putting them up on my website for sale. Such unique and evocative old treasures.

As for the scrumptious tiny fondant au chocolat hot from the is cold and frosty here today and sometimes when its like that nothing else will do....soft chocolat sponge with decadent fondant centres. Vive la France!!!
Heavens! I have just realised that I already have for sale a wonderful monogrammed wedding invitation and didn`t link the names. Indeed Mademoiselle Voydie did marry Charles!
Ah right...10 minutes later and I am back!!! Charles began to woo (nice word!) Felicia in 1902, they married in 1905 and he was away at war when the 1916/17 letters were written. So now I wonder....did he ever come home? I do hope so because the letters are full of his affections and kisses for her.

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