samedi 13 février 2010

So many divine distractions!

I have spent the day pottering about photographing and listing some of my latest shabby chic finds for sale. But some of the treasures I truffle out are just too divine to let go so quickly, so I live with them for a while before passing them on! I can always make some excuse for some delicious petite morceau to stay here!

This huge folder is one of three that I discovered a few weeks ago. Each folder is large and so heavy I can only lift one at a time! Dating from the early 1900s they are packed with the most wonderful large sepia photograph plates of the interior decorations at the Palais de Versailles. I am not sure if its the outer covers or the inner photographs I am more in love with!!!

And my excuse for keeping pension fund......sounds convincing yes?

3 commentaires:

  1. I say sell it all and let me know when you list it. I have heard retirement is overrated.

  2. never...............never.......I am putting a huge lock on that armoire when you visit!

  3. No selling it to Amy.....well sell her the inside contents and tell her I nabbed the folder :)