samedi 20 février 2010

Who`s who at the chateau.......CHARLES LE BARON du BREUIL

Just a few months ago we found this tiny abandoned kitten in a pile of building rubble dumped in a deserted lane. He could only just manage to drag himself along and I was terrified to pick him up just in case I hurt him as we thought his back leg was broken. He clawed his way into my arms and purred all the way to the vets. Our wonderful Italian vet said it looked like an old injury and thought some heartless person has simply dumped him rather than pay a vets fee. A few weeks followed with the leg bandaged & supported but as the paw finally went black it became clear he would have to lose it. But, he is so amazing and a real tough cookie. Five months later you would never know he is a 3 legged cat and he is agile, hysterically funny and totally adorable. He is never far away from us and as I speak he is curled up right next to the laptop. He certainly rules the roost, adores Diggers ( not sure if that is a mutual feeling from long suffering Digs!) and is known as Charles.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonsoir Milord Charles! Handsome and brave. And ginger! We also have a tripod cat after an accident when he missed his footing off a very tall London roof. He didn't let it stop him in his adventures either - he loves a fight. Thankfully he is now quite an old man, but if he catches sight of the young hussy who lives next door, well...

  2. What a lovely post!I also loved your post about "Diggers". I had a dog just like him many years ago. I called her "Patch." Sadly, she died in 1980. I think of her often. I'd love to own a dog again, but this is not really practical now. I spend a lot of time at my son's house and he already has dogs of his own. He brings one of them with them when they visit me.