lundi 15 février 2010

Fixtures & Fittings....quel choix!!

We are gradually restoring our "petite chateau" here in Normandie. From the start we decided that we would try to incorporate as many period features as possible given that it was built in 1838 - and it is quite a grand little borgeoisie house. It is always such fun when we discover another treasure that we can use. But.....wouldn`t it be wonderful if we could go back in time and simply open this delicious Paris fittings catalogue from the early 1900s to order just what we need!

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  1. Hello Shirley!
    I am so happy to find your blog. Amy tells me wonderful things about you! The book you have is AMAZING. I adore the image 103 with the torch and quiver of arrows. Ask Amy about my obsession with the flame :) If you decide to do something with page please let me know.