vendredi 12 février 2010

With love from Tartelette.............

One of my most cherished treasures is this collection of delicious shabby tole hearts. Dating from the 1930s, each heart opens to reveal a small heart-shaped notelet which, when opened out, reveals a tear-jerking prayer, handwritten in faded sepia ink.

A few years ago I sat having a chocolat chaud with my brocante addict American friend, "Tartelette", who was visiting. As we waited for her Paris train we flicked through a glossy interiors magazine that featured some of the unique treasures to be found around the Parisian brocantes. These delicious hearts caught both our eyes - and we agreed that we would simply die to own them! The next time I saw her she was clutching the hearts as a gift for me! She had managed to turn Paris inside out until she finally tracked them down! The shop owner didn`t want to part with them as they had been featured in the magazine, so heaven knows what 'Tartelette' did to persuade her to sell. I am SO glad that she did - and I know that, on her next visit, she will try to reposses them! Must hide them away soon!!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. You must have a generous, beautful angelina jolie looking tartlette friend that would do something so kind and generous for you. Maybe out of guilt you might want to give her a fine 18th century chateau or at least a wing named after her.I'm just sayin.....

  2. The tartlette wing will be soon be finished and there may even be a bed available......

  3. Shirley,
    In order to prevent a most terrible row about these I feel it is my duty to take them off of your hands in order to save this friendship.
    Carol Ludwig

  4. Oh...good try Carol.....I see this is someone else I have to hide them from!!