mercredi 10 février 2010

Simply-chateau found slumped in 18th Century tearooms smothered in chocolate............

I`m not sure if that would have happened as it was £10.50 ($16) a cup! But heavens it was worth it just to sit in that enchanted cafe and savour the elegant surroundings. I discovered today that Caffe Florian was, in the 18th century, one of only a few cafes in Venice to allow women through their doors it`s no wonder it was frequented by Casanova! Other famous regulars in later years were Lord Byron, Marcel Proust, Charles Dickens and now of course Simply-Chateau!

And would I have been seduced by the charms of Casanova had he flounced in and sat next to me that day?
He was described as being something of a dandy—tall and dark, his long hair powdered, scented, and elaborately curled. He dressed magnificently in silks and lace.Well, with my addiction for antique textiles that would be a......... YES

He was one of those womanisers your mother always told you to avoid - but I never listened to my mum when I was growing up so I won`t start now, so that`s another............ YES

He wrote candidly and in great detail about his 122 affairs...........that`s a definate NO then!

He said " I've never made love to a woman whose language I didn't speak because I like to enjoy myself in all my senses at once" Well if he could understand my cross between French and my local diallect of the Midlands then he deserves a medal - so another ..............YES

He told his friends that attentiveness and small favors should be employed to soften a womans heart......perhaps one of those small favors would be yet another hot chocolate in the Caffe Florian? So that`s yet another .............. YES

He adored voluptuous after all those small favours of Caffe Florain hot chocolate that would have to be a YES as there must be 10 million calories per cup and I would be bursting from my crinoline; or, actually, my derriere would fill my crinoline fully making a hoop redundant!

He was a huge gambler......a definate NO

He caused scandal wherever he went..........another NO

He had endless nosebleeds....oh please.....NO

He amused himself by untying and casting adrift gondolas from private residences....what could be worse than dashing out to shop at the Venice Prada and Louis Vuitton to find your gondola missing? Another NO.

SO that makes 5 yes and 5 no. But then he might arrive to woo me ( cries of "woo me .....woo me.......... I want to be wooed") carrying hot chocolate from the Caffe Florian. I suppose that makes me a budding 18th century strumpet?

5 commentaires:

  1. Yes difinitley yes.By the way what is a stumpet?

  2. Its a strumpet you great tartlette...............same meaning though as a tartlette...!!

  3. Cafe Florian is expensiiiiiive but so worth it

  4. I know.....£10.50 a cup....but a once in a life time experience!!!!

  5. Nothing new there then!!!