jeudi 11 février 2010


Yesterday I was convinced that Spring was on the way. The " marais" marshes that start at the bottom of the garden were beginning to look quite luscious and the first snowdrops have popped up under the trees in the garden.

Last night a tremendous gale started to lash around our tiny chateau and it sounded just like that old creaking house gripping onto a cliff edge in the film Lemony Snickett!

There is a wonderful 19th century zinc dragon girouette weather vane on our tiny pointed roof that we call George. Throughout the night I could hear poor old George twisting, turning and creaking as the gale really took hold. He has been up there since 1835 looking out over the marshes so I don`t suppose it was a new experience for him!

When I opened my eyes this morning the gale was still howling but floating up and down past the window riding the lashing wind were huge snow flakes. And so......there is a deep blanket of snow yet again and the lane to the chateau is once again impassable. I am SO ready for spring and the start of the village street brocantes and flea markets.

The kitchen is toasty warm as our 1920s enamel flower bedecked range churns out the heat, Digger my cherished Jack Russell is fast asleep in his basket in front of the range ( oh! quelle surprise!), Charles le Baron du Breuil our 3 legged rescue kitten is causing mayhem in a laundry basket, so all is well with the world.

There`s nothing left for me to do other than open my favourite armoire with all my old textile treasures and simply indulge.................................

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Shirley! Quelle bonne idée d'avoir crée un blog! C'est toujours un plaisir de lire de tes nouvelles et de voir de jolies photos! A bientôt, amitiés à Mark.
    Guillaume et Véronique ("Chez ma Tante" Granville).

  2. Some people would call whats in your armoire a collection others would call it hoarding.....I'm just sayin..........