jeudi 18 février 2010

Paris Lingerie and a little French frou frou................

A wonderful find this week are three 19th century textile sample books that date from the late 1800s. All have wonderful Haute Nouveaute labels and the pages are brimming with silk samples, passementerie braids and ribbons. I just can`t stop myself leafing through the delights inside!

I feel like the owner of a Paris Lingerie store this week! At a local brocante I truffled out a host of wonderful vintage old rose pink corsets and couture stockings all unused and still with their original labels intact. One corset was instantly laced on my favourite waspie waisted mannequin and she now looks so divine! Apparently they came from an old lady who had a lingerie shop in Paris in the 1960s and when the shop closed she simply kept all of the stock boxed and packed away.

The stockings are simply delicious and have the most amazing crown logo on their glossy tops. It makes you want to don a pair under a full pleated skirt, take the train to Paris and stand over a grille waiting for an up-draught!!!

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