mercredi 17 février 2010

Madame Pompadour & Brad...............

I went to the "coiffeuse" in our local village fairly early this morning for a cut and colour and, after the traditional "bonjours" and kisses with all the staff, one of the juniors began to wash my hair before the "coleuriste" took over. Whilst we waited she offered to give me a free "maquillage" (make up) but I declined as I still barely awake. I soon realised as my hair styling progressed that my refusal had definately been the right thing to do! Many ladies did accept her kind offer - and each of them left the salon looking like Madame Pompadour! All that was missing were rustling silk gowns and black beauty spots! I am certain that there will be many surprised husbands in the village tonight!

Having only recently returned from Venice it is now apparent that I have become something of a trend setter for the international 'A' listers! A story I read in the press today has revealed that none other than Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children are relocating to Venice for the summer. Was it perhaps that Angelina, having caught up with the news on my blogsite had decided that if it was good enough for Simply-chateau then it was good enough for her? Or was it perhaps Brad.....hoping to catch a glimpse of me in Caffe Florian?!!! We are hoping to return to Venice later in the year; perhaps they will paddle out on a gondola to meet us?!!!!

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