mardi 2 mars 2010

The big wide world awaits..............

Charles le Baron du Breuil is now about 6 months old. His amputated leg has healed and he is full of life and so agile! The hunters have gone as the season ended on Sunday and the Baron is desperate to go outside now. I have kept him snug indoors just in case he was mistaken for game and now I have no excuse! I know I have to let him go but what if he doesn`t return? What if he wanders away and gets lost? Heavens.................its much worse that taking a child to school for their first day!

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  1. Hi,
    when my cat was small I felt exactley the same...someone told me to carry the cat him around (still holding him) and then go back into the house....he always came back even though we moved house many times and he lived till he was 20 years glad i found your blog as I always have a look at you on ebay...x