vendredi 26 mars 2010

Wild violets and bewilderment!

The garden has come alive over night with gorgeous tiny wild violets! Where on earth did they spring up from so quickly without me noticing? Obviously the violet police arrived at midnight and decided there was a great lack of them!
There are so many I cannot bear to walk across the grass for fear of squashing some!

After millions of years together Mark and I finally tied the knot last summer - and any normal bride would have received a gift from her new husband to treasure; perhaps a diamond or beautiful piece of gold. But for me? A 19th century battered old cart for the garden.........and I love it!!!! I am going to fill it with tumbling plants this year! Here it is in after the snowfall we had a few weeks ago.

But what I really want ( yes I know ....want want want!) is an old horse drawn gypsy carriage so I can fit it out with old French tickings and faded florals! Perhaps another renovation project for Mark at some point......!

We went off to the supermarche this afternoon and in the vegetable section we came across a very distraught, elderly lady who seemed to have lost her shopping trolley. She was so bewildered we stopped to help her but all we could find was an unattended trolley with some shopping which she said was not hers. Mark went off to the car park to get her a new trolley so she could start again. A few aisles later we discovered lots of items in the bottom of our trolley that we had not chosen! Yes, it was us.We had been pushing around the poor old lady's trolley! Did we confess? No....and she seemed well into her second bout of shopping  we simply replaced her items very sneakily and will no doubt be arrested next time we go back for looking shifty on the supermarche surveillance camera!

PS: And, since many have asked about my health since my "wobble off" last June, a visit to my cardiologist  today for an ECG resulted in him declaring that my heart was OK and in the right place after all...... and is certainly not as rickety as that old cart above!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. Lovely to catch up with you and Mark in the DV during our quick midweek visit to France. You looked so well and happy - glad for you on both counts!

  2. do you really think you're safe to be let loose in the supermarket?
    Stockpiling trousseau sheets. . .mugging old ladies for their shopping. . .and do I remember talk of freeing the lobsters back into the sea. . .? xx

  3. It was so lovely to see you too! Next time you come over please let us know and come for supper!!

  4. I had totally forgotten about liberating supermarche lobsters!!!!