lundi 1 mars 2010

oh more plaster dust!!!!

I sat in the cuisine this morning listening to the banging and crashing of this renovation project. The only real comfortable room in the house! As another huge cloud of white plaster dust came billowing down the stairs I wondered why on earth are we doing this? So, on went my coat, scarf and wellies and I took myself off around the grounds with Diggers and the Baron to remind myself.................

Claude...still sitting proud after this long winter trying to gather enough moss to match the steps............

The tiniest Oeil de boeuf window at the top of the stairs.....I wonder how many faces have peered out across the marsh in the 170 years it has been there? George the old girouette tin dragon flag high on the roof....not being very co operative and facing away from my lens!

The wonderful old stone doorways..............

And the view across the flooded I remember why we are undertaking all this work....We simply adore this place!!!

2 commentaires:

  1. j,adore!!!more photos please. How about a visit in June?I think that is the next capentras.Sign me up I need a fix!!!Did you make that adorable mirror?

  2. Bonjour Tartelette!
    June is good! The mirror is my cooker splashback as I wanted something unusual of course. A 19th century silvered mirror and a signwriter was all it took!!!