lundi 22 mars 2010

Niche a Mimi...........................

This wonderful old stone dog kennel was here in the gardens when we bought the house......................

I was told it was the "niche a Mimi".....Mimi`s dog house. It`s just so cute!

3 commentaires:

  1. So sweet. We're loving your new chateau and blog. In fact we'll be over near you in La Manche tomorrow but sadly for only two days otherwise you might have noticed us hovering deferentially by the grand entrance gates of your chateau hoping for a crust or other favour from your noble selves like the peasants of yore. But wary of the barks and possible ankle nips from the constantly vigilant Digger we shall make ourselves scarce until the time we can arrive properly invited and announced and bearing suitable votive offerings to be granted an audience with gracious selves. Or maybe we'll just chance upon you in the market one day!

  2. We are taking the fast ferry to Cherbourg at the crack of doom tomorrow morning. Quick visit to shops in search of Chanel Le vernis Particuliere (AKA 'wet cement') nail varnish which is sold out in the UK. Then over to St Sauveur le Vicomte to stay with a friend as our partly renovated place in Fierville les Mines is unheated. Can't wait to breathe that clear Normandy air! By the way I am on the look out for sources of vintage fashion.