lundi 8 mars 2010

Come up and see me sometime......................

This card always reminds me of my adorable Jack Russell "Diggers". As soon as we made the move to France six years ago he grew a long set of whiskers on either side of his face that look like a droopy French proposterous moustache. I think it was his effort to become a little continental and to charm the local girls.
One such mademoiselle and a total strumpet is a poodle "Mimi" from a local farm. She quite often goes missing for days on end in her search for a man and you can almost imagine her dressed in a belted mac with the collar up, a cigarette in a long holder, stiletto heels and sporting a beret whilst leaning under a lamp post at dusk. She is the kind of mademoiselle that would have bright red lipstick and a painted on beauty spot. She sometimes takes her latest "Grand Amour" home and Pierrre and Delphine her owners always take them into their home until the brief romance is over. Quite soon Mimi decides she is tired of the affair and ignores her suitor until he leaves dejected with his tail between legs.
 I am hoping that Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw ( Diggers to his friends) will not fall for her charms!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. ah the delightful Diggers! How could Mimi possibly spurn him. She obviously has no taste where the older (and slightly more...shall we say..."rotund"?) man is concerned?!
    Hope he's just as handsome as I remember xx

  2. I like to think of him as "portly" rather than rotund madam!!!!

  3. what about just a little comfy?