dimanche 7 mars 2010

Willy Wonkas............................................

Every day on the way to La Poste with my bags full of parcels I pass this adorable old house in the village.................

The garden is well tended and the shutters are sometimes open and sometimes closed.................

In all the years we have been here and passing it almost every day, I have never seen anyone in there I have no idea who lives there.................

It`s a little like Willy Wonka`s chocolate one ever goes in and no one ever comes out!

I have had a fabulous weekend truffling for treasures around the flea markets and brocantes and have some delicious old shabby treasures to list this week. Some superb old textiles and lace, a batch of old dowry linens for re-working and some amazing old invoices dated in the 1890s have come to light again from the Emporium of Madame Palla. I also have old ribbons on their original rolls and some quirky little enamel signs and advertising pieces. I just have to photograph them all now!

This afternoon Charles le Baron du Breuil (our three legged rescue kitten) decided to lurch out into the garden and ran straight up a large tree. As the wind was making the branches sway he thought it was great fun and ran to the end of a very thin branch to investigate.

Of course his weight made the branch droop and his back end slipped off leaving him clinging on with his front claws! He could not use his one back leg to curl up and grip on again so was hanging there 20 feet in the air swaying in the breeze. I was screaming for Mark who was working in the attic and ran towards the tree with my coat in hand deciding I would catch him like a fireman with a blanket. I was terrified he would fall and damage another leg which would mean he would have just 2 legs and would be unable to walk.

Before I got there he plummeted to the ground, got up, shook himself and ambled away uninjured.

Mark arrived unable to see what all the fuss was about as by that time Charles was jumping around in the grass trying to catch a spider without a care in the world!

So now he has lost yet another of his nine lives!
He lost one being dumped in a ditch by some heartless idiot.
He lost another having his leg amputated.
He lost another when he got his tail tangled in the string of the mouse on his play stand and squealed the house down as he tried to drag it behind him.
He lost another when he got inside the plastic covering of a new mattress we had just had delivered and couldn`t get out whilst getting hotter and hotter.
And he lost another today falling from the tree.

I guess he has four left now.............

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