vendredi 12 mars 2010

La poste................oh! ...........those grilles and balconnieres.............

It`s always a delight to go and drop off my Ebay parcels each day at La Poste.......the building is just so gorgeous!!

This fabulous grand old building has some wonderful decorative touches.....

Scrumptious old grilles....

It makes me feel I should be in there sending telegrams and packages tied with brown string!! The service is always relaxed, personal and friendly and the cashier always asks how I am and how my day is going.

The balconniere window grilles on the house next door to La Poste would be perfect to finish our windows here. We are having trouble finding 8 matching period balconnieres and I wonder if this house has more on the back? Would they notice if I arrived with a ladder and a drill at the dead of night? How would I explain it to the Gendarmes when I was arrested?
Would anyone come and rescue me from the cells I wonder?

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