jeudi 11 mars 2010

A tour of my local brocante.....................

We have family to stay for a few days so of course what else would a good host do other than show them the local sights? Just another excuse for me to truffle around the local brocantes..............

This local brocante has a very tidy section, all polished and laid out neatly. Then there is my favourite section in a huge old airplane hanger filled with amazing architectural antiques and true brocante all in a sea of dust ( visitors slightly non plussed at my joy!)......I could spend hours there digging amongst the treasures! That old tin bath is simply divine and what about the Mobylette pedal and engine bike to go to the patisserie each morning?

4 commentaires:

  1. I can truly understand your joy!

  2. I am not mad after all!!!

  3. post a photo please of Monsieur on the Mobylette pedal and engine bike going to the patisserie xx

  4. I am SO tempted to buy it.....can you imagine me on it with Diggers on the back?