vendredi 19 mars 2010

Heavens laundry..............................

So this is a Friday confession! I don`t know why today is the day I confess but I suppose after 6 years I am safe?!!!

When we first moved here I visited a local supermarche and was so suprised to find a basket near the door with some wonderful antique monogrammed linen sheets, all neatly packaged and ironed in plastic bags with very low price tickets. So I did what any self respecting antique textile dealer would do. I popped them in my basket with my shopping and paid at the checkout.

This wonderful shopping went on for many many weeks and I found some wonderful old treasures and of course sold them on.

I just assumed that perhaps staff or a local charity were allowed to put their own items for sale in that basket.

One day I approached the checkout with my groceries and a divine red monogrammed sheet and the assistant or "hostess de cabine" as they are called here asked if I was Madame Rembouillet. Of course I said "non" so she took the sheet, rabbited something I could not understand and put the sheet below the counter. So, I paid for my groceries and went home feeling a little miffed that such a wonderful sheet had been confiscated!

Later that week at a dinner party I asked about the sheets and was told that the supermarche took in the dry cleaning and laundry for the town and that when an item was ready the bags of laundry were placed near the door and you simply collected it and paid at the checkout.

Oh NO!!!! How many ladies had been there to collect their family heirloom trousseau sheets to find they had not been returned from the laundry?

And now the supermarche no longer has a laundry service and I may be responsible for its demise after all those complaints!

But, I am not alone in my crime for how many of you purchased those delicious old linens from me? HA! When we all get to heaven I know we will not be allowed to lounge on a huge fluffy cloud preening our frou frou feathered wings.

We will all be put to work in that big laundry in the sky washing angels socks and we will have to wear plastic covers on our wings to stop them wilting in the steam!!

And me? I know that I will be given the socks of the angel with the cheesy feet and I shall return to my cloud each night with my hair stuck damp on my head and with droopy wings.

But heavens above! It was SO good while it lasted...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. OMG- That was hysterical. O.k, maybe not so much for the ladies waiting to collect their dry cleaning.

    Confession is good for the soul-hehe.


  2. That was sooooooooo funny, you naughty girl! SueXX

  3. That is hilarious! You are too funny my dear. I understand why Amy raves of you! Will be meeting the 2 of you in April?

  4. OMG! You are a very, very naughty girl. But I love it.. No wonder you had to move house! My sides are aching with laughter. Never mind, I won't tell - I've made too many French 'gaffes' myself. What a hoot.

  5. your post made me laugh out loud and cheered my evening up no end!!!