samedi 27 mars 2010

Brocanting on a shoe string..................................

There are some wonderful old treasures to be found at the brocantes here if you are out and about very early. I am always on the lookout for a bargain and I love it when I can fit something into our ongoing renovation.

  I wanted an unusual splash back for the cooker and really wanted something other than tiles. This huge old silvered mirror had lost all of its gilding on the frame and was propped up for sale against an old van early one morning for the huge sum of 12 euros!

I didn`t even haggle to say the least although I am sure it would have been 10 euros had I tried!  Dating from the late 1800s the mirror plate is beautifully silvered with age in a waterfall effect and it gives a deep twinkling reflection.

With the help of a pot of Gustavian grey paint and a signwriter it has made the most divine and quirky splashback.
It is an early start tomorrow morning with two local brocantes to go to. It is never any effort getting up at 5am as the thought of what could be there is always so tempting! Wish me.............. Bon Courage!!!

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