mardi 16 mars 2010

Internet......or is that inter..not ? !!!!!

Up bright and early this morning to photograph some wonderful old treasures to list in my auctions.

Everything was going fine and the photographs were looking wonderful. Then for no reason at all my pc refused to connect to the internet! But, the old slow pc right next to it would connect with no problem at all!!! So, with the old faithful I managed to list just 5 auctions in almost 2 hours and then gave up totally frustrated!

I stomped out into the garden to find the Baron having a cat nap in the sunshine and the sight of him so relaxed made me smile and I joined him with a coffee.
                                                        I`ll try again tomorrow!

1 commentaire:

  1. Oh Shirley I so love your postings on your blog! I read and enjoy them all. I also visit and savour your auction listings, though am usually outbid before I even get mine in. But I treasure the things I have bought in the past and will no doubt win others in the future!