lundi 29 mars 2010

Spent an afternoon stripping away hideous 1950s wallpaper in the salle de bain! We really seem to be getting ahead with our renovations now and the spring weather will certainly make life easier.

We found these huge old doors at a local brocante and as soon as Mark fitted them in place they looked as if they have been here forever. Exactly what I want for this old house.

We have found 5 pairs of matching 19th century shutters and collected them this evening in the pouring rain. Called Persiennes they are the folding type each being made up of three panels. We are going to use two sets on the insides of the windows in the bathroom as they have divine old latches and will be much better than blinds. The others will be squirelled away with all the other old architectural treasures we have been hoarding to be used as we move through each room decorating. However......Mark has said that if I come home with anymore old doors he will join the Foreign Legion. I am slightly addicted to them!!!

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