mardi 27 avril 2010

All systems go......................

Well it`s all systems go now! The scaffolding arrived for the chateau painting and the higher levels are being jet washed. I had no idea that when it was cleaned the old stone would come out a soft sandy red colour. Its almost tempting to leave it just like that but the specially-ordered paint has arrived today - so it`s too late now I suppose. But the difference is very clear to see in the photograph below if you look at the 'old' colour under the chimney compared to the washed section.

The weather is glorious. A wonderful hot sun and no breeze across the marsh - perfect for the work to be carried out. I just hope this weather lasts all week. And so do the family who arrived from the UK this evening! Our son Dan and his wifeJenny and one of our daughters, Katie, has arrived with her husband, Darren. Both girls are expecting summer babies, both their first babies - and that`s a good excuse for the sun loungers to come out for the girls whilst the guys get stuck in to the renovation work! I suppose this will be the last time we will all be together before the new family additions arrive.

We had a long lazy supper at a long trestle table under the trees in the last of the day's warmth. I love the riotous banter that comes so naturally when we are all together and I laughed till I cried at the hysterically funny impression that Darren did of Louis Spence ( of recent Pineapple Sudio TV fame) as he tried to dance ( but it was actually more of a mince) around the garden doing high kicks!

But tomorrow I have it planned like a military operation! As soon as one wall is painted and the scaffolding is still in place someone will paint the window frames whilst the other fits the shutters! Sounds good in my head but will it work for real!!!

This week also sees the footings being started for the extension into the attached workers cottage which will be opened up from the main house to add a large salon with large double-arch shaped  French windows opening onto the marshes.
I will keep taking photographs as the week goes on.............

6 commentaires:

  1. I love your posts so much!You always make me smile! So,good luck for the military operation planned for tomorrow and congratulations for all the big progress you've done, it may seem a mess to you and it surely is but I already see how it will be at the end! Sooooo beautiful! Francesca

  2. Thank you so much Francesca....I can sometimes imagine it finished then sometimes I look at all the chaos and despair!!!
    But this time next week we should be pale French grey and have the shutters in place......I hope!!

  3. A nicer person could not own this chateau unless it was me!! I am so excited for you Mrs. Scrivens. You are doing a brilliant job.I cannot wait to do some lounging of my own. Do you still have that american flag to put out upon my arrival?? love,gladys

  4. Gladys
    Your flag is washed and ironed and will be hoisted upon tour arrival by a team of naked footmen!

  5. Can I come and watch the flag raising? Hope that one of the footmen isn't that old french farmer you got to model the clothes!!!! xx

  6. Heather....I can send him round for a private raising if you would like? mind you....Sumo might bite him!