vendredi 23 avril 2010

A little bit of heaven..................

Yesterday when I said "The restoration work here is chaos" what I should have said was " Tomorrow, I suspect it will look like an explosion in a mattress factory!".
 Well tomorrow is here - and just look at the state of my 'salle de bain' now. The bath is disconnected so I may have to go and use the trough in the neighbouring farmer's field!

But I can now see it all coming together. The 19th century marble-topped dresser has become a washstand and is such a feminine confection. A bit too " ooooh la la" for Mark - so I suppose he will have to have his own washroom!
And as for the light fitting, very over the top I know but it just had to be done!

Charles, le Baron du Breuil, had had enough of  all the banging, drilling and crashing - preferring a nap in the bath....

And as for me? Well, I am saved; a little bit of heaven! The postman has just arrived with my favourite monthy glossy interiors magazine. I am going to stuff some cotton wool in my ears, hide somewhere where no one can find me and read it from cover to cover!

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