samedi 17 avril 2010

Too many armoires is never enough!!!

We were working on the 'salle de bains' today which is now almost ready for painting. " I'm sure we won't have enough space for your armoires" Mark commented,  as he dismantled yet another for storage. Thank heavens that most 19th century armoires can be dismantled and be packed flat!!!
Too many armoires? Excuse me!!! That`s as bad as saying too many pairs of shoes or too many lipsticks!  When all our renovations are finished I know that each armoire will have a home....... and I have some gorgeous ones just waiting for a little dab of  shabby chic powdery paint!

I also have a passion (or is that an addiction !) for old window shutters and  wonderful old doors with fabulous grilles often seen in bourgeoisie houses. I have been bringing some home when I can and stashing them in the barn. There always seems to be either a door or a pair of period shutters in the back of the car to add to the ever-growing collection.  When I see them for sale I cannot bear not to buy them just in case I hit a shutter fammine just when I need them! At least Mark doesn`t seem to have noticed my stockpile!!!!

I can already see that the 'salle de bains' is going to be my favourite room in our 'petit chateau'. We have fitted wonderful old 1920s persienne shutters on the inside of the windows rather than use blinds or drapes.  Persiennes are the gorgeous wooden multi-folding type - just like a folding screen with each having two folds on each side. They have a quirkly metal locking bar that lifts and falls into place to keep the shutters closed tightly together. I love them closed just as much as I love them when folded back against the wall!!

Mark has spent weeks carefully fitting some pretty wooden panelling around the bottom half of the salle de bains that we had rescued from an old closed down restaurant.  It looks as if it has always been here for ever.
And so to colours schemes. The room is to be soft old cream and pale ivory white with touches of very pale eau de nil green. All very vintage that will team up well with some old lace and gentle florals. A bit of a boudoir room I suppose!
                                             And my latest find that I simply adore is....

...this shabby chic bird cage which I plan to transform into a quirky wall cupboard for bath towels. I explained to Mark just how I wanted the shelf fitted and as I walked away he said, "oh - by the way, we seem to have too many shutters and doors". Looks like I`ve been rumbled!!!!!

I'll keep you updated with progress.
a la prochaine.....

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  1. J'dore all of it!!I will have those tole cherubs if it is the last thing I do. Love gladys