jeudi 15 avril 2010

Photo-finish? !!!!!

Had a telephone call with my good friend Bunny back in the Uk this morning and she told me she was delighted with her new camera. I remember thinking how long it has taken me to get to grips with the camera I bought last November and all these months later I am finally happy with the photographs for my auctions.
After a morning of packaging the lastest sales from my Ebay site we set off for the post office and decided to go via a couple of brocantes and to take in a coffee on the way. I popped the camera in my pocket just in case anything caught my eye.
We were delighted to find that La Maison one of our favourite cafes has re-opened.............

The charming new owners have added some beautiful period touches..............

....beautiful old gilded mirrors........

.....and some really quirky tables made from old wooden advertising crates. What a fabulous idea!

After a  quick coffee and a gateau we set off for the nearest brocante and oh! what a find!!!! A batch of delicious 19th century tole cherubs and kneeling angels. I was absolutely loop the loop as they are just divine!!!!!
After the post office visit I couldn`t wait to get home and photograph the angels for my blog. I took the camera from my pocket , switched it on ...............and nothing......just a fuzzy screen. Try as I might it refused to show willing to work and the display screen was lined and frozen.
Why oh why when I just get used to a camera does it give up? I know my cameras have to work hard taking the photographs for my auctions but this one was less than 6 months old!!!!
So needless to say I cannot manage without it so early tomorrow morning I will zip off to buy another. Hopefully I can find one the same make so I won`t have to go through the learning process again.
Hopefully I can show you the cherubs and angels tomorrow!!

A la prochaine...................

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