jeudi 1 avril 2010

Just slap me............................

For the last three days I have had something on my mind. Why....oh why? Please tell me why (at the early morning brocante last Sunday) did I walk away from something wonderful? And its bugging me big time ever since!

I had bought some beautiful things and perhaps that`s why I did it. Perhaps I thought I already had enough ‘gorgeousness’ for that day and something else wonderful was just too much? Perhaps I have a subconscious limit to the amount of gorgeous I can have in one day?!!!

There was another decorative antiques dealer from Paris at the same brocante that morning searching for treasures like me - and although I do not know her name we are on nodding terms. She seems to buy the same things as I do – and has beautiful stock. When I do chance upon her selling at a fair she is just too expensive for me to buy from and she is always reluctant to do a deal with me. She is never really friendly - simply very business-like but perhaps that is just the way she is.

When we do meet, we acknowledge each other, nodding politely as we pass, and it seems an unspoken rule that if one of us is at a certain stand the other passes by or waits at a distance until the other has finished. I wonder what would happen if there was some exquisite piece that we arrived upon at the same time? Would we both back off in a genteel manner to allow the other to buy first? Or would be both dive into a full brawl fist fight with the one having the best right hook winning the item?

And so back to my " bete noire" that has been niggling me for days. A 19th century domed glass frame that housed an exquisitely-carved winged angel. All original, the back intact and never having been opened from the day it was made and, at the bottom, an oyster shell beniter holy water tray. I picked it up and said how exquisite it was but then, for some mad reason, put it down and walked away.

About 20 minutes later I realised how mad I had been and went back to buy it. I arrived at the stand just in time to see the Paris lady pay and put it in her bag. I was absolutely gutted. I bugged because I didn`t buy it when I should have OR am I bugged because ‘she’ bought it instead of me? Do I need a slap for not buying it or a slap for being selfish, jealous and greedy? Let me know what you think!

Anyway, I wanted it…… just slap me!!!!

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  1. G and I have a saying, " It's always the one you don't buy that you regret, never the one you do!" And how often we rue ignoring our 'gut' feeling. I feel for you and your lost treasure - with sympathetic gnashed teeth - or slapped wrists if you prefer!

  2. oh, how well do I know that feeling! I feel for you

  3. Ciao
    I know the same thing has happen to me.It was with a gal I was shopping with. I really like to shop by my self any more. Your home must be wonderful.How ever I'm more country with bears and dolls. laura Q

  4. Been there, done that...but if you see her ask her. Chances are she'd sell it to you if she has it, or if you become friends, give it to you. Her gain is her joy, but you'll have your joy when you find that special treasure that someone else had...and so the cycle continues...just as my mom's treasures (some) are in someone's house tonight...

  5. No slap.
    Big hug.
    Been there done that.
    And we'll both do it again.
    And again!
    I think it keeps us on our toes- how many more times might we do it without the sharp reminder every so often.
    Thats my reason anyhow and I'm sticking to it- just repeat it back to me when I tell you about the 50s Horrocks print dress I "didn't quite like enough" last w.e
    Bun xx

  6. Well now I don`t feel so bad and of course.....its the start of the new weekend of brocanting tomorrow! Who knows what I will find!!!

    I still wanted it though..............slap.....ouch!