jeudi 22 avril 2010

The Mad Hatter....................

Renovation. House painting. What renovation; I am in  denial! The house has been jet washed today resulting in a fine film of sand and lime flying in all directions. The cat is wearing it, the windows are wearing it - and so is the car, the kitchen floor and a biscuit I ate a few minutes ago for some reason! Okay so things have to get worse before they get better!
'Le chef' in charge of works is now becoming a little paranoid. As I am so sure of the 'look' that I want he has been calling me outdoors every 10 minutes to look at cracks and small holes to enquire whether he has to leave them or fill them! Poor man!  I am sure he thinks I am some kind of dragon , probably because there is one on the roof!

It has been very sunny here today but the wind across the marsh  hits the house directly. It's a freezing wind that feels as if it is cutting your face - similar to the Mistral in Provence. I have been keeping the workforce full of hot coffee and gateaux just in case they should freeze and stop work! I am also a selfish dragon! But once you get a French workforce in place you will do anything to keep them on site!

Someone knocked the cuisine door to tell me in broken English that part my bush would have to be cut away, said bush being my pride and joy of the bay tree by the kitchen window. The joke I made (about not having my bush bandied about willy nilly!!) was lost on French ears ( perhaps,fortunately, as it`s not good to be smutty as well as a dragon?) The rest of the bush will need to be pulled away from the wall and tethered with ropes. Visions of the cat climbing it and a catapult come to mind!

So , although still in denial.....tell me. This hat.....a divine 1940s Paris confection of silk velvet and silk ribbon. How should it have been worn? The lady who found it for me was adamant it should be worn high on the top of the head towards the back but it just seems so bizarre! Perhaps with a 40s hairstyle and a roll of curls high at the front of the head it might have worked. What do you think?

I might wear it all day tomorrow just to shock the builders!

3 commentaires:

  1. Don't be daft Shirley - after what you have been doing while the builders have been there - it will take more than wearing the hat to shock them!! Heather xx

  2. Maybe you should tell one of the workers THEY have to wear the hat!? LOL Now that would be an interesting look! ;)

  3. Hi- I've left something for you to collect on my latest post.
    I know that some people prefer not to accept these tags, but I still wanted to tell you that the time you spend creating such lovely blogs is much appreciated and admired.