mardi 20 avril 2010 on the loose !!

A really busy day today! The sun was shining,  there was no breeze across the marsh and the garden was really inviting - but it was  to be a whole morning spent packaging up my Ebay parcels ready to take to 'La Poste' after lunch. Despite living here for nearly six years I still find the traditional French two-hour lunch gap a tad inconvenient!  Packaging was finished by 12 noon but then we had to wait for things to start moving again. Everything closes for the long lunch break except the Patisserie of course which is always available!

So, we were ready and waiting outside La Poste with our bag of parcels at 2 o`clock sharp - and then it was off to visit a whole host of builders merchants and tool hire companies in preparartion  for next Tuesday.

 I am SO excited because we will starting work on the exterior of our petit chateau that day and  the walls will get their first coat of paint in 60 years! After changing our minds constantly we settled on a pale ash grey colour, leaving the windows and shutters white,;  hopefully a classy choice!

The tall chimneys on the house are so tall that we have had to hire scaffolding which is high enough to get the work done whilst at the same time ensuring that our workforce remains safe and secure. I am praying that the weather will  be dry and calm as rain and gusts of wind will put a stop to the work and we will have then hired equipment for nothing.

As you will see below we came across a very rare man-eating digger on the loose in a car park at one of the builders yards visited today - a digger which we decided not to hire in the circumstances!!

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  1. I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see how the exterior turns out. Lots of photo's please.

    Your header is gorgeous. Love that fireplace.

    big hugs,