lundi 12 avril 2010

Cher Gaston...........................

Cher Gaston,
I write to you in English because I know that your lovely wife understands English very well - and will sympathetically translate this to you with great care!!!

Firstly my dear friend and neighbour I must thank you for leaving your farm at such short notice to come over and become my male model. I realised that only you would be able to fit into and wear this gorgeous antique uniform which I wanted to list for sale on my auction site.

Secondly..  thank you for bringing your own pink tights! What an inspiration! Perfect for the job  but they have left us quite non can a Normandy farmer lay his hands on pink tights at a moments notice?

And then I must also thank you for posing so vigourously and creating some fabulous Milan catwalk poses!!! The onlookers did wonder whether you had done this sort of thing earlier in your life?

And my grateful thanks for your patience when all the spectators realised that even you, the sveltest of all us, were unable to do up the button flies and waistband  - and stood with your hands in such a way as to disguise your obvious abundance of Normandie veg.

And last - but by no means least -  I thank you for the screams of laughter you created as you strutted around the garden in full character.

My dearest truly are a unique man! [although the pink tights do still give me cause for concern!].

I have no doubt that some top modelling agency will now snap you up for London fashion week - and perhaps the next time we see you will be when you are on the arm of Naomi Campbell wearing some amazing Vivienne Westwood creation.

Or perhaps, as normal,(n!) we will see you pass our gates (as we do each and every morning without fail) sitting on your tractor, your old black beret slanted over one eye, a Gitaine in your lips and your old blue farm overalls patched and darned.

Having now seen you all togged out, I am not quite sure which Gaston I actually prefer! You and your lovely wife, Genevieve, must have such fun!!

A very big  "merci" to you!!!   And nice to see the large cowshed you're having built near your house is coming along nicely!
A bientot

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