vendredi 2 avril 2010

Windmills, moulins and tapestries.......................

I feel a little like an estate agent saying this Bayeaux the small Normandie town famous for the tapestry, a place where they have gorgeous little shops where I have many times spent an absolute fortune, a place where they wrap your purchases with ribbons and bows, the place where my favourite Patisserie in the world is.....Patisserie Mathilde with its gilded mirrors and delicious gateaux, the place where I got a parking ticket for staying too long shopping and the list goes get on with it Madame!!!!
Okay I`ll get to the point! This divine old windmill has just come on the market for sale. Tucked away somewhere in the rabbit warren of cobbled streets and on offer at 98,000 euros....................thats £87,000 pounds or $133,000....................

You could open a quaint tea rooms, you could open a chambre d`hote, you could start milling flour and produce traditional wood oven cooked bread, you could just live in it. You that is.....not ME....I have had enough of renovations and we are not even a quarter of a way through this place yet. But someone I know has to buy it so I can visit!!!
Dear could buy this and I could come for tea....the chickens could learn to swim..I can just see you peering out from that little window.
Dear could buy it too and I could come for tea....think of all those shops.
Dear Tartelette, you could buy it and I will look after it while you are back in the States. When you are here I could come for tea.
Yours desperate to see inside the mill and have tea overlooking the mill wheel.

4 commentaires:

  1. That would be fabulous! You have my head spinning with the dream of it and all the possibilities! Beautiful photograph!
    Happy Easter!
    :) Laura

  2. Happy Easter to you too!!! I may have to book to view just so I can get inside it!!!

  3. Is there an ulterior motive here? You want us all to buy that you can come for tea?
    I'm actually just about to start Easter baking now...cinnamon buns and lemon birdsnest cake...will be out of the oven by the time the ferry comes in...xx

  4. Well thats one out.....2 more possibles to go!!! Cinnamon buns in Bayeaux would be nice!!!